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We spend over 90% of our time indoors where the air is 2x – 5x more polluted, reports the EPA. It may be why you are feeling fatigued, congested, or agitated. This could be the source of GI issues, trouble sleeping or other health issues. Wonder if it is impacting employees focus or renters’ health? The time has come to address our indoor environments and their impact on our health. Learn ways to create healthy indoor environments. It is easier than you think.

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Your Health & Indoor Environmental Hazards

The buildings we live, work, and play in are just as critical to our existence as water, clothes, and healthy food. However, little attention has been given to their impact on our health. In the past, buildings were made from natural materials that could breathe and supported people’s health. Now, they are almost airtight, mostly made of synthetic materials, and are polluted with human-made electromagnetic smog. Environmental items like building materials, furniture, furnishings, and cleaning products are polluting indoor air. EMFs from 5G, smart devices, electrical wiring, power lines, cell towers and more are health hazards.

There are decades of medical studies and research correlating indoor environmental hazards to illness and disease. From short-term exposure resulting in simple health symptoms like a runny nose to more long-term exposure of significant diseases like cancer. The evidence is staggering. Is the building you live, work, or play in making you sick?


For single family homes, town homes, condos and apartments, as well as tiny houses, RVs, ADUs, sprinter vans or other residential buildings.


For businesses in office buildings, medical facilities, multi-unit apartment complexes, hotels, churches, schools or other commercial buildings.

Get Help Creating Your Healthy Indoor Environments


We create healthier indoor environments that are focused on the primary areas where you sit, sleep, or stand. You choose if we address a single concern, the whole building, or anything in between.

Using a proven approach, we inspect building structures for pollutants and harmful health hazards. Findings are measured and the levels compared against the Building Biology’s Health Guidelines. This allows us to understand the degree of health risk and timing of action needed. Next, a set of up to three tiered Good-Better-Best Options for remediation are suggested. You pick one based on your need, want, timing, and budget.

Indoor Environmental Consulting Services are offered through On-Site Inspections and On-Site Assessments, or via Phone Consultations and/or Zoom Consultations, as appropriate.

EMF Inspections and EMF Testing for Families, Individuals and Businesses

EMF Protection

Find electromagnetic field (i.e., EMF, EMR, EMI) health hazards in your home, office, or other building. Get an EMF Inspection of external and internal sources. Reduce, shield, or mitigate harmful EMF exposures with our EMF Protection services.

Improving indoor air to align with nature for healing and better health

Improve Indoor Air

Poor indoor air quality is a health risk. Our bodies need clean air. Uncover external and internal toxic air quality sources. Learn how cleaning products, furnishings, and other air quality influencers pollute indoor air. Ask about the Indoor Air Quality Assessment.

Natural building materials and furnishings create healthy indoor environments

Healthier Construction

You’ve got the bug to break ground on a new build, start a design, tear open a wall or remodel that bathroom. Get vital information to create a Low-EMF home, select healthier building materials, and more. Find out what to watch out for in your next project, big or small.

Lynne White Building Biologist Certified Environment Consultant Certified EMF Consultant

Lynne White, BBEC, BBNC, EMRS

Building Biologist
EMF Consultant
Indoor Environmental Consultant

Meet Lynne

As a Building Biologist, EMF Consultant and Indoor Environmental Consultant, Lynne offers a unique mix of experience and training to uncover environmental health hazards and propose proven solutions. She combines her passion of being of service with her lifelong love of buildings, nature, and health, and a 38-year career in a business consulting capacity that refined her diagnostic and problem-solving skills. In addition, she has worked over 16 years with buildings and 9 years with wellness. Creating healthy buildings is more than a passion, it’s a road to healthier people living joyful lives and building healthy communities.

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