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Surviving in an Electromagnetic World

We love our technology and gizmos, and the conveniences they bring. However, they also bring an onslaught of invisible electromagnetic field (EMF) health hazards. The human body is not built to manage their electrical and magnetic loads. As a result, short- and long-term illnesses and diseases surface impacting life. Learn ways to reduce EMF’s and get EMF Protection now.

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EMF Hazards

Are you having trouble sleeping or feeling fatigued? Do you have a common EMF health symptom listed below? More than 20 years of medical studies show that invisible EMF toxins may be the reason. There are four types of human-made EMF’s that interfere with the cells in your body communicating using electrical current. Find out which ones are in your space.

5G Cell Tower in backyard of a business with homes next door

Typical EMF Sources

  • Cell Phones
  • Wi-Fi & Bluetooth
  • “Smart” Anything
  • 5G Towers & Antennas
  • Household Electricity
  • Refrigerators, Stoves, Microwaves
  • HVAC
  • Radar
  • Cordless Phones
  • Computers / iPads
  • Power Lines / Transformers
  • Solar Power
  • Lighting / Dimmer Lights
  • Pools
  • …and more

Health Symptoms

  • Insomnia / Sleep Issues
  • Wake Tired / Fatigued
  • Brain Fog / Memory Loss
  • Irritability / Depression / Anxiety
  • ADD / ADHD
  • Headaches
  • Vision Issues
  • Palpitations / Nervousness
  • Cancer
  • Joint Issues or Tingling
  • Trouble Focusing / Forgetfulness
  • GI Problems
  • Skin Rashes / Redness
  • Vertigo / Nausea
  • Reduced Immune System
  • …and others

EMF Protection Services

For a single, specific room to a complete building, we identify and measure EMF hazards.  Then, we assess the degree of EMF health risk, and determine the Good-Better-Best Options for remediation. You choose what you need, want, and fits your budget. EMF Protection Services are offered through On-Site EMF Assessments, and Phone and Zoom Consultations.


For single family homes, duplexes, town homes, condos and apartments, as well as tiny houses, RVs, ADUs, sprinter vans or other residential buildings.

  • Low-EMF/No-EMF Sleep Sanctuary
  • Complete Home EMF Assessment
  • Smart “Anything” Assessment
  • “Smart Home” Assessment
  • Cell Tower EMF Inspection
  • Power Line EMF Inspection
  • Home Office EMF Assessment
  • Pre-Purchase EMF Home Inspection
  • Low-EMF Home Design


For businesses in office buildings, medical facilities, multi-unit apartment complexes, hotels, churches, schools or other commercial buildings.

  • Smart Meter Inspection
  • Complete Business EMF Assessment
  • Individual Workspace EMF Assessment
  • Apartment Complex EMF Inspection
  • Office EMF Assessment
  • Healthy Living EMF Assessment
  • Power Line EMF Inspection
  • Cell Tower EMF Inspection

Professional Grade Equipment

More Accurate Findings

EMF Inspections are performed using professional grade equipment along with supplemental tools and meters. A majority of the equipment is industry leading in EMF detection, identification and accuracy, as well as certified and calibrated for:

    • Quick identification of the EMF types present
    • Location of the EMF sources
    • Accurate measurements of the EMF level
    • Verifiable proof of measurements
    • Credibility when speaking with Health Practitioner, Utility Companies or others
    • Evidence of shielding product effectiveness

In addition, much of the equipment is backed by scientific research. For example, one of the RF Meters we use by Safe Living Technologies, Safe and Sound Pro II was selected by world-renowned environmental toxicologist, Dr. Magda Havas for her Global RF Project.

Professional Indusrty Grade EMF Equipment for EMF Services





Let’s get on the same page!

  • We’ll start by talking about your EMF concerns, interests, and questions, as well as what you’d like to accomplish.
  • From there, we go over current health symptoms or preexisting health conditions, if any, and what you’ve tried.
  • Next, Lynne will propose an EMF Assessment for you to review and decide what you’d like to do.

During this step, Lynne will educate you on the five human-made EMF’s, the Electromagnetic Spectrum and some easy tips for reducing EMF exposure.


Using the 33-year proven Building Biology Institute’s (BBI) building science and physics approach, Lynne gets to work on:

  • assessing your space (i.e., building) by identifying and recording measured findings of electromagnetic fields (EMF’s);
  • comparing those EMF measurements against Building Biology’s No-Slight-Severe-Extreme Concern Health Guidelines, that are far lower than big regulatory agencies like the EPA; and
  • indicating what needs No-Recommended-Definite-Immediate Action, so you can easily prioritize

During the Assessment step, education and tips continue.

Findings & Suggestions

In this final step, Lynne makes a determination of up to three tiered Good-Better-Best Options for EMF reduction, EMF shielding, or other EMF suggested solutions, as best as possible. These suggestions are done verbally and/or in a handwritten report packed with a hefty Appendix of Information and Resources. Need a more formal report? Just ask.

You choose what to implement or not, and to what degree and when. If you need assistance from Lynne in implementing any suggestions, that may be explored here, or at a later date – call anytime.

Let’s lower your EMF exposure.  You choose to what degree.

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