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We improve the quality of indoor environments in homes, offices, and other buildings where we live, work and play. Our mission is to help people become aware of the invisible sources of EMF hazards, indoor air pollutants, and poor construction risks that impact health. Then, remediate them through a typical choice of Good-Better-Best Options that fit your need, timing, budget and desired outcomes.

About Stable Environment Consulting in Pacific Northwest

Certified Professional
Indoor Environmental & Building Consulting Services

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Delivering Indoor Environmental & Building Consulting Services for EMF Protection, Improved Indoor Air Quality and Healthier Construction

Professional Grade EMF Equipment for Environmental Consulting

Measured Findings

Assessments and inspections are conducted using certified, calibrated industry leading professional grade equipment resulting in highly accurate, measured findings.  Not all equipment is created equal.

Environmental Consultant conducting an indoor air assessment using proven approach process

Proven Approach

Applying Building Biology Institute’s proven 33-year building science and physics approach to assessing indoor pollutants and EMF hazards that are quietly burdening our bodies and causing health risks.

Three Scaled Good-Better-Best Options for Environmental Consulting Solutions

Tiered Options

Choose from up to three tiered Good-Better-Best Options for your EMF remediation, IAQ Solutions and
Healthier Construction
specific to your building, desired outcomes and unique environmental findings.

Lynne White Building Biologist Environment Consultant EMF Consultant

Lynne White, BBEC, BBNC, EMRS
Building Biologist
EMF Consultant
Indoor Environmental Consultant

Nice to Meet you

Hi! I’m Lynne

Thanks for being here. As a Building Biologist, Indoor Environmental Consultant and EMF Consultant, you get a combination of my extensive environmental education from the industry leading Building Biology Institute and over 38 years working in a consulting capacity. You will benefit from a highly refined set of consulting diagnostic and problem solving skills that:

  • uncover hidden pieces of the environmental puzzle not easily found;
  • discern between the cause and effects of an environmental issue that is critical to effective remediation;
  • supply varying degrees of remediation solutions giving you choice; and
  • motivate you to shift paradigms to healthier vitality.

This work integrates my passion of being of service in helping others to live healthy, joyful lives and a love of taking care of buildings, nature and health. Here’s to healthier buildings and healthier people, Lynne

Experience & Credentials

A unique mix of experience and education in environmental, building, and wellness along with business consulting experience to facilitate healthier buildings and healthier people.

Healthier Constrution Site Building in Process


  • Certified Building Biology Environmental Consultant (BBEC) – Building Biology® Institute (BBI)
  • Certified Advanced Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist (EMRS) – Building Biology® Institute (BBI)
  • Building Biology New-Build Consultant (BBNC) – Certification Expected June 2024 – Building Biology® Institute (BBI)
  • 16 years Remodeling and Renovating Multi-Unit Apartment Buildings (part-time)
  • 1.5 years on a Single Family Home New Construction
  • 10 years as an Interior Design Assistant (part-time)
  • 9 years as a Certified Design Psychology Coach – The Spencer Institute
EMF Hazards, Indoor Air Pollution and Poor Contruction results in high health costs


  • Certified Wellness Coach (CWC) – The Spencer Institute
  • Certified Life Strategies Coach (CLSC) – The Spencer Institute
  • One of 50 Industry Experts in the book Engaging Wellness: Corporate Wellness Programs that Work
  • 9 years in Health & Wellness
  • Lifelong study of health and wellness
Workshop showing Business Improvement with Ennvironmental Consulting


  • 37 years in a Business Consulting capacity with a proven track record of improving overall business vitality
  • 15 years in Information Technology (IT) Consulting
  • 12 nominations and awards for exceptional performance and expertise
  • 9 years in Corporate Wellness
  • Certified Corporate Wellness Coach (CCWC) – The Spencer Institute

Additional Services

Lynne has designed and delivered over 170 workshops and spoken at more than 32 industry events in her career extending beyond building environments. In addition, she conducts product reviews for a fee.

Educational Workshops

Looking to expand your teams knowledge on EMF, indoor air quality, or healthier construction? Need a workshop on the basics? Lynne designs and delivers practical, educational workshops.

Need A Speaker

Do you have an environmental, medical or other event and need a speaker on subjects related to EMF, indoor air quality or healthier construction. Call Lynne to explore if she can help.

EMF Product Reviews Indoor Air Quality Product Reivews Building Material Reviews

Product Reviews

Got a product you are considering buying? Not sure if it’s the right product or will do what it claims? Consider a Product Review.  Maybe you are having trouble finding something? Ask Lynne.

Create a healthier building for healthier people.


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Measured Findings.  Proven Approach.  Tiered Options.